Tuesday, 8 March 2011

GM100 bigger anyone?

First things first....
Needed some tube holders.
Built them out of stainless
And silicon tubes
I looks really cool, just hope the tubes won't melt away.
They're made for cars, turbo's and stuff.
So they should be able to withstand some heat.
I hope.

Then I made some PCB's for the pre-amp.
I've noticed that there is less of a 50Hz hum problem when I use PCB's.
must be my bad soldering technique.
They look really nice

Huge tubes resting from a long voyage.....

The RS706 looks like a baby

A KT88 is smaller then the grid of the GM100
A lot smaller

I see the light



On our kitchen table.
Which is big

I had 2 GM100's send from Georgia, not US.
They are huge, huge huge
They came in 2 boxes which did not fit on the back seat of the car.